3  Ways To Overcome Fatigue

Fatigue is a very common complaint that most senior seem to experience but it should not be disregarded and put down simply due to age. There are a lot of underlying factors that cause fatigue so it’s important to understand what is happening in order to overcome the problem.

Sometimes this fatigue is caused by illness such as anemia, thyroid disorder, diabetes, depression or poor heart conditions. Here you will need to consult your doctor and get to the root cause.

The second possibility is that you are a long way from peak fitness which will contribute to fatigue whenever just a little extra effort is required.  This can easily be sorted by incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

As a third of your muscle mass is loss as you age, daily exercise routine is vital to keep you strong.  Your lifestyle should have exercise built in, every day.  This will improve circulation, not only to your body but to your brain. Your thinking process will naturally become slower. Don’t let this lead to loss of confidence. Be prepared to go a bit slower.

It’s important to develop strategies so you don’t feel negative about this.

Here are three ways to brighten your day…

1 Exercise

Some form of regular physical activity in your daily routine is essential to improve your circulation, build muscle mass, sharpen your brain and get you in motion.

2 New Outlook

Take on a challenge and you will be invigorated. A new interest will test you mentally and force your learn new ideas. It will roll back the years as you become a student once more. Even better if it involves you getting up, out and about and active.

3 Network

Keeping in contact with friends and family will lift your spirits and keep you involved in life.  Of course face to face is best – but email, FaceBook and Twitter allows you keep in touch on a daily basis no matter where your contacts are. Locally there will be plenty of clubs and societies that are crying out for help. Most would welcome your assistance with open arms – so look around and offer your valuable services. They will be appreciated.

To sum up – Get the balance right – don’t take on too much. But if you are involved in a project it’s an adventure that will energise you. Everyone loves an adventure – they’re exciting, and it’s wonderful to be part of something.