A Long Life In A Nutshell


The life expectancy in and around the world is increasing each day. The Long Life Society is dedicated to rigoursly testing methods of extedning the duration and quality of your life.

As society brings us huge advances in terms of the way we live, now more and more people look to advance the duration and quality of how they live.

Average life span increases thanks to advances in disease prevention. But the maximum life span still remains around 100 years. We have been proof that changes in your lifestyle can extend that maximum to 120 years and beyond.

Here are our 3 areas of interest

1 Body

Nutrition: There is now plenty of scientific evidence to prove that reducing your colorie intake will help you to live the age you would like to live. The body needs food to function, and with out a proper diet we will be starving vital organs from functioning. Overeating is poor for the body and makes the heart work harder.

Exercise on a daily bases will increase chances of one getting brittle bones and stiff joints when you get older. Working out can give your heart a good pace, which helps you to continue a healthier lifestyle without feeling sluggish. Stress and anxiety can be reduced with exercising.

Sleeping will help with body functions, less stress, and anxiety. Sleep helps you to think clearly. Get a good routine for sleeping. Find out how much sleep you really need. During the day, perhaps you if are not working, you could take a 20 minute nap, which could help you feel better during the evening. Everyone is different so you will need to find out for yourself what your body requires for sleep.

2 Mind

Stress, depression, and anxiety: All of these are things that a person should really work on and think about to reduce stress, depression and anxiety in their life. Not only is it harming you, it is causing stress to the heart. We need to learn to live with these things and learn to relax.

Smoking you must give it up. Not much to say about that. It is not good, smells bad, and tastes bad. Your heart and lungs don’t like it. Give it up.

Keep the doctor appointments. See your doctor as often as they would like you to go. Have yearly check ups to assure that things are ok with you. We need to take an approach of preventive care.

3 Spirit

Above and beyond our physical bodies and minds there exists a universal life force we all tap into. As children it seems obvious. We follow our passion and have all the energy we need. Over time our ability to access this energy source becomes weaker. Get this back and you will have all the energy you need and you will become unstoppable in life.