Aging Gracefully – Tips and Pointers


Some people just never seem to age. They sail through life with energy and passion.

Is this genetical or can you do something to help?

The answer is yes to both. Of course, inheriting great genes will help, but there is a lot you can do to extend your active life.

The Physical Body

Take care of your body now, it will take care of you later. If you eat properly, exercise, and get enough fresh air and sunshine, you will more than likely be healthier as you age. Using sunscreen and staying hydrated at all times are essential to feeling your optimum best as well.

Your physical body is a building that houses your being. You are responsible for what comes into that building. Eating right is the perfect way to protect yourself from the pitfalls of aging.

Everything from your eyesight to your muscles and joints will respond to the natural course of aging. However, the more positive input such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, the better chance you give that physical body of aging gracefully.

The Spiritual Body

Every individual has some type of spirituality – not necessarily a religion, but a spiritual point of view. Examples of spiritual activity are – doing the right thing, helping others, being part of a family and a community. All these things are not purely mental activities. Walking along a beach and watching the sun set over the waves can be a deeply moving experience – something that lifts your soul and gives you an inner strenght.

Being in touch with nature has health benefits as well. That inner peace and strenght allows you to roll with life’s punches and get on. There is beauty all around, so open you eyes to it. Stop for a minute and enjoy life.

Just because you are aging or have aged, does not mean that you are not still a vital part of a community. If you reach out to others you will always be the definition of aging gracefully.

The Mind

How vital and vibrant your mind is depends on how you treat it as you age. If you fill your head with negative talk or surround yourself with negative situations and individuals, your body and your aging process will show this.

If you keep a positive attitude, read daily, keep abreast of news in your community and around the world, and stimulate your mind with puzzles and games, you will find that your mind will age better – and you will feel better as a result.

You will find that an active mind is better able to deal with stress and problems as you will have better perspective on life.

My advice is ‘stay curious’ as you go through life.