Can You Buy Health?

We have options, and that is to exercise and do our best to eat food that won’t contaminate our bodies. We have to make choices to live longer and healthier. We may grow our own veggies and fruits, in which we may avoid harmful chemicals that will contaminate natural vitamins.

After that, you may want to buy supplements. But can you really buy health?

A healthier life has been helped by science. New discoveries are lengthening our life span relentlessly. In addition, we can reduce the risks of age-related suffering. These conditions often lead to major health problems and finally death, thus science is now working hard to find ways to live healthier while reducing aging.

What can I do personally to live longer?

Eat a balanced diet, exercise, learn about supplements, continue doctor visits and seek out advice. Learn to listen and take action.

Let’s look at some supplements….. BE SURE TO ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!

HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH is released by the pituitary gland. HGH is utilized in medicine to treat youngster’s growth disorders and grownup growth hormone inadequacy. Reported effects on GH-deficient patients (but not on healthy individuals) include diminished body fat, expanded muscle mass, bone density, and energy levels, bettered skin tone/texture and immune system function.

In late years, growth hormone replacement therapies have become popular in the fight against aging and obesity.

We have aging hormones inside our body, which quit producing or secreting suitable elements that boost healthier living. Products with DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) supercharge the immune system, which help in protecting us against disease.

A few small randomized clinical studies have discovered long-term supplementation of DHEA to better mood and alleviate depression or to lessen insulin resistance. Regular exercise is recognized to better DHEA production in the body. Some hypothesize that the growth in endogenous DHEA produced by calorie restriction is partly responsible for the longer life expectancy recognized to be associated with calorie restriction.


Ginkgo has evidenced to delay the process of aging while abbreviating health issues. It’s an herbal extract, which promotes awareness and sounder brain functioning. In Germany physicians are utilizing Ginkgo products to treat patients enduring inadequate blood circulation, dementia, etc. The product works to enhance the brain’s cells, by supplying natural nutrients.

Analyses are underway to prove that Ginkgo may better memory for those suffering from Alzheimer disease. Late studies demonstrated that those suffering from Alzheimer’s displayed signs of remembering and communicating with other people more effectively than those taking other natural herbs. This herbal extract likewise has assisted those enduring PTSD and MPD. While utilizing Ginkgo the only risks come from consuming the herb with feverfew, garlic, aspirin, ginger, MAO inhibitor, Coumadin or warfarin.

Flax-Seed Oil

A vegetable oil (polyunsaturated), which features ingredients like Omega-3, fatty acids, etc. Omega-3 has demonstrated evidence of depressing blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, as well as cutting down sticky platelets.

Triglycerides are our bodies natural fats situated in tissues. Flax-Seed Oils may help to cut back strokes and heart attacks. Omega-3 was likewise found to better high-dense lipoproteins (HDLS), which is favorable cholesterol that helps the heart by decelerating clogging of arteries. Therefore, Omega-3 takes out LDL in the bloodstream for easier flow.

Flaxseed Oil has shown to slow or cut down development of tumors in the breast. Lignin is the responsible factor for reducing or treating cancers. Lignin is an estrogen founded compound. Chronic heart conditions are likewise reduced when you utilize flaxseed oils.

According to written reports, the only risk is that you may gain weight. Flaxseed oils are elevated in calories, and to lower the risks of weight gain you’d have to include flaxseed oils as a part of your daily caloric diet.


This is a hormone that releases through our pineal glands. It helps influence sleep and nerves. According to analyses, Melatonin increase may slow Alzheimer’s, including dementia. It’s likewise been discovered to retard tumor spreading, cancer and may retard the aging process.

When melatonin is low we may suffer stress, which induces nervous tension, constant worry, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, and so forth. The downside is as we get older, we lose sound production of melatonin.

If you endure sleeping and nervous issues, Melatonin supplements may help relax your nerves and accomplish a restorative sleep. When you accomplish restorative rest, along with relaxation you’ll find yourself feeling better daily. Compliment melatonin supplements with work outs and a balanced diet.

Visit your doctor before taking supplements. Having an understanding of what your body needs is crucial for great health.