Caring for your body…

It’s never too late to think about your overall health…

We are tempted every day will the promise of products and information that will make our lives longer, healthier and happier. The fact is that if you want happiness you have to reach within and pull up your natural resources and allow them to guide you to happiness. Happiness comes from within you – it’s not something that can be bought.

Simple changes in your daily routine can help you live longer and healthier. The first step is an improved life style, which is free of drugs, chemicals, substances, bad eating and drinking habits. Then you can simply increase your exercise to augment metabolism, bones, joints, and muscles.

Then there are simply mental habits you can introduce such as setting out a reading challenge to help you discover the books, ideas and people that interest you. You can quickly and easily learn to mediate daily to bring calmness and focus to your life. And you can keep a journal to help you plan and track the changes in your life.

Living longer, healthier and happy takes effort. When you apply self to living longer, healthier and happier likely you will achieve. Still, you need goals, plans, and action to take the steps to move toward good health.

The third area, finding the energy of your true spirit vital. As human beings we need spiritual food, mental, and physical foods to keep us healthier and strong. Spiritual food includes discovering who we are, realising our true purpose, discovery of a deeper meaning of our life on earth.

Finding respect for yourself and for others will make it easy to desire cleanliness of the mind and body. Your body is your temple and if we eat or drink harmful drugs or excessive alcohol, as well as engage in harmful actions we will suffer misery, poor health, and our life span will shorten.

Many people avoid seriousness. When a conversation becomes serious a person might derail by laughing off the information, or else joking. While you may think this is a way to reduce stress, the fact is derailing only sets a person up for many falls to come. Sometimes you have to be serious and there is nothing wrong with it. While you may want to escape reality, the fact is one day you are going to wake and smell the hardcore facts of reality, and when it hits you in the face so hard, you will look back and wish you hadn’t spent your life derailing.

Again, many people listen to what they want to hear and ignore what they wish to avoid. When this occurs we have a filtering system, which gradually you will live a life of misery, simply because when your ship rolls in you will be out in the ocean swimming without gear. Sometimes we have to face the facts. If you are drinking excessively and your friends or family tells you about, listen to what they are saying, since you are not only hurting you, you are hurting the people you love.

Overall, we need spiritual, nutrients, vitamins, exercise, and proper behaviors to live a healthy, longer, and happier lifestyle.

Anti Aging Solutions Aren’t All Facial

Though it often shows up first on the face, not all aging is readily visible. When we get older, a lot of the aging takes place on the inside of the body and affects our organs, our joints and even our emotions.

We donít feel like weíre aging – so itís always a surprise to look into the mirror and wonder where all those years we see reflected back at us came from. Youíll find a huge supply of products geared toward anti aging and wrinkle removal for the face, but since aging affects the body from head to toe, you also need to know how you can have a solution against other types of aging.

Of course, the first step you should do starts inside. Make sure that youíre eating the right foods. Choose foods that offer anti-aging benefits. Eat plenty of protein and have a diet rich in calcium for your bone health.

Stay hydrated and take natural supplements if you need to so that you get the vitamins your body needs to properly function. Exercise to keep your muscles and bones supple and use toning exercises to firm up your muscles. Stay away from any body products that contain alcohol in the base, because this causes the skin to dry out.

If your hands show signs of aging, you can use hand treatment that can lighten age spots and lessen wrinkles. These products usually contain vitamin C as well as licorice. One technique that helps fight against aging hands is the use of light therapy – much like youíd find at a dermatologistís office, except you can purchase these lights yourself.

Another problem that can go hand in hand with aging is joint problems. You can get stiffness and pain associated with aging – but there are many products that can help your joints have the mobility they once had.

You can find gels, capsules and creams manufactured as anti aging products that can help you have a solution to stress on your joints that come from getting older. As we age, our joints can become inflamed.

Usually thereís no reason you can pinpoint behind the stress and inflammation on the joints – it just happens – but what you can do is take preventative measures to keep your joints healthier.

By taking inflammation formulas, you can keep your joints younger feeling. There are anti aging supplements you can purchase that contain Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally made in the joints. This helps the joints be cushioned, which eases the pressure put on joints through normal wear and tear.

Preparation and Aging: Things to Think About

Life is a journey – and we change all the time. In fact, change never stops.

So as we age, change continues and we can end up in unfamiliar territory. Being educated means being prepared and being prepared means a smoother journey along the way.

Sometimes illness or accident ages us before our time. Sometimes the natural ageing process just takes us by surprise.

Here’s what you need to know to understand getting older.

Changes to the Physical Body

As one ages, the changes to the physical body become more apparent. Sometimes, all too commonly, eyesight is one of the first things to change as you get older. For this reason it is important to make and keep regular eye exams. If your doctor feels the need for you to see a specialist, do not put it off because your eyesight is a precious gift. Eat right and take eye vitamins if you can.

Stiffness and achiness due to oncoming osteoarthritis or other inflammatory processes are also common in aging. It is important to keep fit and walk or exercise regularly before this sets in. It is also important to incorporate healthy fats as well as oils into your diet.

Keep your body healthy now so that later on you will have a happier way to age.

Changes to the Brain

Almost all of us, past a certain age, experience forgetfulness. To what degree that forgetfulness occurs is something that we can have some control over.

Keeping our minds active is imperative to keeping our brains healthy. So keep your mind open and use your time to learn new things from books, online, friends or clubs and societies. Now is the time to follow your interests. Look around and take a class in whatever takes your fancy.

Crossword puzzles will keep your mind working, as will reading daily.

These are all excellent ways to keep the mind sharp.

Planning for the Future

Although no one likes to think about these things, it is important to plan ahead. You do not want to be in a situation where nothing is taken care of and there is a medical situation as well.

* Seek out the advice of an elder estate planner.

* Seek out the counsel of an elder care attorney to plan out such things as a Living Will, a DNR (do not resuscitate), and Power of Attorney.

* Seek out facilities such as 55 and over or retirement and assisted living facilities.

A little planning aids in the preparedness for aging in a more carefree manner.

Aging Gracefully – Tips and Pointers


Some people just never seem to age. They sail through life with energy and passion.

Is this genetical or can you do something to help?

The answer is yes to both. Of course, inheriting great genes will help, but there is a lot you can do to extend your active life.

The Physical Body

Take care of your body now, it will take care of you later. If you eat properly, exercise, and get enough fresh air and sunshine, you will more than likely be healthier as you age. Using sunscreen and staying hydrated at all times are essential to feeling your optimum best as well.

Your physical body is a building that houses your being. You are responsible for what comes into that building. Eating right is the perfect way to protect yourself from the pitfalls of aging.

Everything from your eyesight to your muscles and joints will respond to the natural course of aging. However, the more positive input such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, the better chance you give that physical body of aging gracefully.

The Spiritual Body

Every individual has some type of spirituality – not necessarily a religion, but a spiritual point of view. Examples of spiritual activity are – doing the right thing, helping others, being part of a family and a community. All these things are not purely mental activities. Walking along a beach and watching the sun set over the waves can be a deeply moving experience – something that lifts your soul and gives you an inner strenght.

Being in touch with nature has health benefits as well. That inner peace and strenght allows you to roll with life’s punches and get on. There is beauty all around, so open you eyes to it. Stop for a minute and enjoy life.

Just because you are aging or have aged, does not mean that you are not still a vital part of a community. If you reach out to others you will always be the definition of aging gracefully.

The Mind

How vital and vibrant your mind is depends on how you treat it as you age. If you fill your head with negative talk or surround yourself with negative situations and individuals, your body and your aging process will show this.

If you keep a positive attitude, read daily, keep abreast of news in your community and around the world, and stimulate your mind with puzzles and games, you will find that your mind will age better – and you will feel better as a result.

You will find that an active mind is better able to deal with stress and problems as you will have better perspective on life.

My advice is ‘stay curious’ as you go through life.

7 Small Changes That Will Help You Live Longer

Here’s a quick list of 7 small changes you can start making today to help you live longer, by Guia Del Prado from Business Insider….

These 7 small changes could add 12 years to my life

I’m going to live to 86 years old, and if I change my current habits and lifestyle, I can add 12 years more.

Of course I can’t know that for sure, but that’s an estimate based on my answers to a detailed questionnaire from the Living to 100 life expectancy calculator. The calculator predicts an approximate age at death using metrics like diet, exercise, family history, and social life.

Thomas Perls, an attending geriatrician at Boston Medical Center and professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, developed the online quiz based on his study of centenarians. By changing our habits to reflect those of the people with the longest lives, he says, we can add years to our own.

It’s difficult to quantify how many years you can add to your life by following a set of recommendations — everyone has different family histories, habits, proclivities, challenges, and genes — but the calculator tries to tie a specific number of years to good health practices and bad habits based on research. As soon as it tells you your estimated life span, it provides some concrete suggestions on how you can extend it.
What if I want to live longer than my prescribed 86 years? To do that, I’d have to make a few changes — starting with my diet and exercise regimen.

1. Cut out processed meat: +4 years

The first question on the calculator’s nutrition section asked how many servings of “processed meats of fast foods” I eat a week. I don’t usually eat fast food like McDonald’s. I do eat processed meat, usually in sandwiches or on pizza — which can also be considered fast food. By cutting out processed meat and pizza entirely, I could live four years more, according to the calculator’s recommendations.

A 2013 cohort study in BMC Medicine offers some evidence to support that recommendation. It found that diets with higher levels of processed meat (more than 20 grams a day) were associated with 3% of the premature deaths in a group of 450,000 Europeans. Those meaty diets were also associated with a 72% higher risk of dying from heart disease and an 11% higher risk of dying from cancer.

Despite these dire-seeming numbers, experts warn that the risks of processed meat may be exaggerated and that those most likely to eat processed meat were also likely to smoke, according to the Guardian.
Luckily for me, I don’t smoke, but I apparently don’t get enough calcium in my diet.

2. Get enough calcium: +.5 years

I have about a cup and a half of milk a day, usually in cereal or coffee. The life expectancy calculator says that might not be enough calcium to stave off osteoporosis, a disease that gets worse with age and disproportionately affects older women.

Osteoporosis, a malfunction that occurs when the body doesn’t form enough new bone tissue from a lack of calcium, can increase the risk of bone fractures. Roughly half all of women over 50 will break a bone. I can get calcium from supplements or other food sources like cheese or green leafy vegetables.

3. Exercise every day: +5 years

Even if I made these changes to my diet, it’s clear I don’t exercise enough. Exercising 6 or 7 days a week could add up to 5 years to my life — a pretty impressive addition. The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity at least twice a week, though some believe that minimum should be raised to three days. The health benefits of exercise are endless. It lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes and improves mental health and mood. It even increases the chances of living longer, according to the CDC.

Starting a good exercise regimen now can also help me maintain good fitness habits as I get older, when exercise is most crucial. A 2014 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that even formerly inactive elderly experienced the benefits of exercise, according to Reuters. This is especially important as mobility typically decreases the older one gets.

4. Visit the doctor regularly: +.5 years

I could eat better and exercise more, but I’d still have to visit the doctor on a regular basis.

It’s been years since I’ve gotten an annual checkup with a doctor. For someone like me who has a family history of diabetes and heart diseases, blood tests shouldn’t be optional — they may be live-saving. Primary care visits can help catch risks and signs of diseases before they become serious. A 2014 Harvard study conducted in Massachusetts found that 320 deaths in the state per year could have been avoided by greater access to health care.

Still, there’s a risk that greater access to health care could lead to overtesting and overdiagnosis. Unnecessary testing can result in false positives and actually do more harm than good.

5. Spend more time with family and friends: +.5 years

Seeing the doctor and having the right diet are important, but it’s easy to forget how much our friends and family matter when it comes to longevity.

The quiz told me that I don’t see my family or friends enough. My family is in Nevada and most of my good friends are scattered across the country. Caring friends and family can help through tough times and minimize the stress that comes with adversity.

Good social lives also “lead to increased cognitive stimulation and activity, which are linked to healthy aging,” Perls said. A 2010 PLOS Medicine study also shows that “people with stronger relationships had a 50% increased likelihood of survival than those with weaker social relationships.”
Even if I see my friends and family more often, it’s clear I’d need to reign in my bad habits.

6.Decrease exposure to harmful UV rays: +.5 years

I made a recent mistake believing my complexion made me less susceptible to getting sunburned, and now I’m paying the price for forgoing sunscreen. Though I don’t have light skin, a history of sunburns puts me at risk of skin cancer and can subtract years from my life.

The CDC recommends staying in the shade, wearing protective clothing, and using sunscreen during prolonged hours in the sun. A recent study that analyzed 200-year old data found that “high levels of sun exposure during the year of birth may increase infant mortality and shorten the average life span of a population” by as much as 5 years, according to Live Science.

7. Floss teeth every day: +1 year

Another bad habit I have is not flossing every night. I only floss when I remember, and it turns out that may be shortening my life. Not flossing daily leads to a whole host of dental problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. People who have gum disease are at higher risk for diseases that affect more than one area of the body, including kidney disease and diabetes.

The takeaway

I have a few changes I need to make if I want to live to 98, according to this calculator. Some of them might be worth it, like cutting down on processed meats and exercising more regularly.

But the calculator also recommended completely cutting out caffeine to live half a year more, even though research on whether caffeine helps or hurts life expectancy is mixed.

A 2012 National Cancer Institute study that followed 400,000 thousand people aged 50 to 71 from 1995 to 2008 found that “men who reported drinking two or three cups of coffee a day were 10% less likely to have died than those who didn’t drink coffee,” according to The New York Times.

On the other hand, Time reported that drinking certain kinds of coffee can raise LDL cholesterol and cause problems for those with existing cholesterol issues.

Still, it’s hard to believe that caffeine is worth 6 months of life. The coffee recommendation highlights the problem with calculators like these – it’s difficult to quantify how many years a specific habit is worth. For now, I think I’ll stick to my morning cup of joe.