Especially for you, 4 perfect relaxation exercises to cure insomnia…

One of the most common sleep disorders that are experienced by millions of people around the world is insomnia. This is defined as the incapability to sleep, not depending upon the number of your sleeping hours, but on your sleep’s quality and how you feel the moment you wake up in the morning. If you have ever suffered, you will know exactly what I mean – it’s truly awful.

Even if you sleep 8 hours during the night you can still feel tired when you wake up – that means you have insomnia.

People suffering from this sleeping disorder usually resort to medication, as it is convenient and offers quick results. However, the major drawback of medicines is that they can be very addictive.

So here are 4 healthy and simple exercise that can help you to be free from insomnia without spending a fortune and exposing your body to risks and side effects.

1 – Stress Relaxation Exercises

By simply stretching your muscles and moving your joints, you will no longer feel like you are a living zombie. So get out of bed and gently stretch your limbs. This will loosen you up. Once back in bed try counting backwards. In doing so, the excessively active neuron activity in the brain will be deactivated, so you will become bored and go off to a deep slumber. If you don’t want to count backwards, just count sheep instead.

2 – Breathing Exercise

You can also perform a deep breathing exercise involving the ribcage, lower back, lower abdomen and chest. By simply inhaling deeply and fully, the parasympathetic nervous system which controls relaxation will be affected. This will result in sleep and comfort. In addition, since you are inhaling more oxygen amount, the supply of your blood increases within your brain and body. As a result, the essential nutrients which aid you to sleep better, properly flows to your brain. This exercise is taught in Reiki.

3 – Muscle Relaxation Exercise

This is by far the simplest exercise that can help you avoid insomnia. All you need to do is tense your muscles, from your head to the toes and relax them suddenly. When all your muscle groups are relaxed, you will not find it hard to enter dreamland. Acute stress will cause your muscles to have high tension. So, when your muscles are relaxed and tensed, the level of tension will drop below the normal level, thus helping you achieve a higher level of relaxation. However, you must be comfortable prior to performing this kind of exercise.

4 – Meditation

This is another effective exercise that can treat your insomnia. All you have to do is work on the basic meditation aspect whereby you are concentrating on your breathing, on an object or on a word. This activity will pave the way for you to have peace of mind and relaxation.  Bear in mind that visual imagery is a great strategy that will aid you to distract your mind from your current problems.

If you have difficultly sleeping, you are not alone. Next time try the above exercises. Once properly relaxed you will be able to drift off into the deepest and most relaxing slumber ever. So, why don’t you exercise your mind and your body regularly? You will surely love the benefits.